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How to recognize a good espresso


Take an accurate look inside the cup and analyze how it looks like. A good espresso has a 2-3 mm high, thick and hazelnut-colored crema, Sugar slowly dives under the crema, afterwards the crema re-appears on the surface.

On the other hand, a bad espresso has a light foam with large bubbles instead of the crema; in this case the coffee is defined as under extracted. When the foam is very dark the espresso is over extracted.

Elements for a good or bad espresso are the quantity and quality, the way of grinding, pressing, water temperature, pump pressure or extraction time.


Good coffee has a rich and dense flavor, it is aromatic, full, slightly sweet and fragrant and delivers a long-lasting aftertaste. It should be drunk almost bitter as the addition of sugar does not allow to detect its degree of acidity and body.

Once the cup is approached to the nose, one slowly inhales the scent and swallows the first sip of coffee, the first perceived sensation is the typical roast aroma which is given by the roasting process.

Further flavors are chocolate, vanilla hints and pronounced cocoa aromas. Some washed high quality coffees are enhanced with citrus notes and have a fruity flavor.


Temperature is an important element, heat allows to release a higher concentration of scents that vary according to the blend. A good coffee should be drunk hot.

Gourmet coffee experts recommend to grind the coffee when needed in order to preserve its fresh-roast-flavor as long as possible and to enjoy an extraordinary coffee.

The ideal preservation temperature of green as well as roasted coffee is below 25°C, it should be stored in a dry place and kept away from moisture. Coffee is hygroscopic and absorbs the surrounding odors very readily which deteriorates its flavor.

MIG Exhibition

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Decaffeinated Coffee

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Decaffeinated Coffee


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