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Pavan Caffe Foto Storia

Pavan's passion for coffee starts in 1949.

At the end of the 40s Antonio Pavan had become an expert in coffee roasting, in 1949 he has an intuition and decides to found the company Pavan Caffè in his land.

He always had spirit of enterprise, he gains appreciation in the environment and his name becomes famous. Soon his sons Carlo and Gianluigi follow his steps and thanks to their support, the company and its quality begin to succeed all over the Triveneto.

In the 60's the name Pavan Caffè becomes international, the business grows in the countries of Northern and Eastern Europe, and soon the company becomes one of the most important coffee exporters in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Today, thanks to professionalism and to the product’s quality, the brand Pavan is successful outside the European Union, too.

The name Pavan Caffè has become a synonym of excellence in the art of coffee roasting, based on traditional methods passed on from generation to generation.

Decaffeinated Coffee

Our decaffeinated coffee in capsules is composed of the best blends, the result is a light and digestible coffee obtained thanks to a delicate decaffeination process.

Decaffeinated Coffee


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A good coffee

The characteristics of a good cup of coffee? We advise you how to recognize that you will be able to choose an excellent coffee.

How to recognize a good coffee